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Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!

Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!


Marlo Cech

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Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!






Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!

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Melissa could tolerate being deceived and humiliated, but being framed was a different story. Three years of marriage was less important in her husband’s eyes than a teardrop from his other woman, Arielle. Finally, on a rainy day, she was ruthlessly abandoned. Five years later, Melissa showed up with her adorable twins. She became world-famous in the medical field. That was when her ex-husband, Everett, came crawling back, asking her to help cure Arielle... "Hey, old man, if you want to talk to my Mommy, you have to pass my test first." Melissa’s young son, Merrick, raised his chin proudly. ‘Old man?’ Everett checked himself carefully. Did he look that old? “Daddy, you really are very old..." Lindsey, Merrick’s twin sister, said with a pout.