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Melting the Billionaire's Heart

Melting the Billionaire's Heart



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Melting the Billionaire's Heart






Melting the Billionaire's Heart

Rating: 6.0/10 from 72 ratings

Anna Houston, a 24-year-old woman meets the arrogant breathtaking gorgeous Alexander Williams at her most trying time. Her mother had just been diagnosed with leukaemia and raising the money for the surgery was impossible for her. She gets an offer she couldn't say no to. Xander, the CEO of Brookswill & Sons Ltd asks her to be his personal assistant. She needs to save her mother and he was right there offering her a job that would cater for her mother's surgery. But, there was one big rule... "You should check the third clause under Termination and Agreement", Xander said in a very serious tone. He moved closer to her, his face almost in hers. "I can be very irresistible. In all you do, ensure that you do not fall in love with me. If you do, the contract will come to an end. Understood?" Xander raised his brows in anticipation of an answer. "Trust me, that will only happen if you cease to be Mr Alexander Justin Williams." What will happen when Anna falls in love with the arrogant billionaire who has never fallen in love? Will she lose her job? What about her mother? Will she die?

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