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She's My Innocent Billionaire

She's My Innocent Billionaire



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She's My Innocent Billionaire






She's My Innocent Billionaire

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The Billionaire Marriage #2 Hailey & Robert Anderson were back-- the lovely couple was happier and lovelier. If you don’t know them, well, Robert was the ruthless billionaire who fell for his personal assistant Hailey. Hailey is a psychiatrist, who tried to heal Robert of all the sorrows he had, by supporting him even when he hurt her at every single step. Finally, Robert realized that he loves her. Yeah, he fell for her because duh, she loved him so much even after everything. Robert was also the Mafia boss, but he left Mafia because Hailey wanted him to. Hailey’s brother, Alex, was also in Mafia secretly and he was Robert’s enemy all along and no one ever knew. After everything, he left Mafia too and decided to be a good man. His girlfriend, Summer, and adopted sister, Cassie, live with him. It has been a year of their happy marriage now. They faced no problems. But something had changed in the past year. Maybe Robert left the Mafia- but the Mafia didn’t leave Robert and now the past has to be corrected, the mistakes have to be resolved. The blooming romance between the couple wasn’t enough to get them through the obstacles. The iceberg did drown the Titanic, the obstacles and the wrongdoings did drown them. Can they come back again? Can they be together when everyone and everything is set to break them apart? Read the sequel to the famous book “He’s My Ruthless Billionaire”.