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Taken by the Heartless

Taken by the Heartless


Jennifer Reginald

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Taken by the Heartless






Taken by the Heartless

Rating: 6.0/10 from 41 ratings

WARNING: ???????? High and descriptive sexual content, strong language, and use of substance. Recommended for 18+ readers, read at your own discretion. Not for people with soft hearts. If you are not a fan of Dark romance please don't read. If you are not a fan of BDSM please don't read. "I rather get dragged in the mud with chains by moving horses or be beaten with a club with nails on it than lose my virginity to you," she spat, looking at him with hate in her eyes, hoping her eyes conveyed the degree of contempt she felt when she spat out the words. Anger and disbelief flashed in his eyes. She was going to be the first woman that would ever reject him and in such a preposterous manner. He stood up and went over to her while she gummed her back to the wall, having no other room to step back. He gripped her chin with his strong palm, forcing her to look at him, his wicked grey eyes bore into her hazel ones. "What if it's your only ticket to freedom?" "As I said, I rather die." He quickly shoved her onto the bed and she scooted away as he moved towards her. "I am Eros Castillo, leader of the El dragon gang, you dare not reject me, nobody rejects me," he said in a low husky voice, his eyes five shades darker, his countenance grim and dangerous. NOTE: This is my first time trying out dark romance and this kind of story. As much as criticism is appreciated please hate words are not encouraged at all. English is not my first language, so pardon my grammatical errors but I promise to keep them to a minimum. Thank you.