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The Nasty Professors and The Harem Site

The Nasty Professors and The Harem Site



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The Nasty Professors and The Harem Site






The Nasty Professors and The Harem Site

Rating: 6.0/10 from 85 ratings

This is a reverse harem romance that brings the heat and the one sitting! She's supposed to be untouchable. Forbidden. The delicious sweetness we're not allowed to crave and a scandal waiting to happen. Yet, we refuse to go another semester without her in out arms. Another year not knowing the taste of her lips. Jemma is the beautiful raven-haired temptation from my senior lecture with the captivating green eyes and curves made of sin. She stirs a raw need in us to find out everything about her. To shower her with the beauties of the world just to see her face light up with joy. We're the kind of men who have nearly everything we want, yet there's one thing missing in our lives. Someone with the softest lips and sweetest heart to warm our souls and bed. The world would say what we want with my young student is wrong, that men like us can't have a woman like her. But they're wrong. Because Jemma promises she wants every inch of what we have to give her. She's afraid of breaking the rules, but we'll show her how good it feels to finally fall for her filthy professors.