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Wild s*x with Her Mysterious Husband

Wild s*x with Her Mysterious Husband


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Wild s*x with Her Mysterious Husband






Wild s*x with Her Mysterious Husband

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---Daily Update--- Book 1 Six years ago, Amelia was forced to break up with Patrick of her own accord, and in order to get him to leave willingly, Amelia said some harsh things to make him believe that she was a gold-worshipper. After leaving, Amelia found that she was pregnant with Patrick's child... Six years later, they met on the bed accidentally and spent a hot and crazy night. But Amelia was already married, although she didn't know who her 'husband' really was... ------------------ Book 2 is finished! Starts from Chapter 388. William x Charlotte: Charlotte being Amelia's daughter, is well protected and sweet. When she met William, her parents' good friend, she could not help but fell in love. William shared the same feeling for this girl, but was hesitant since you don't usually do this to your friends' daughter, right?! How will these two manage to continue their love story? What will be their obstacles: age, parents, or a home-wrecker? -------- Book 3 is on!! The story between Nicolas & Shirley! The girl was drugged in the club. Her stranger billionaire savior came and rescued her. What is their story? Read to find out!

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